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unable to access ComboEditorProviderCustom from ig.loader without using lob.js and core.js

Hi Team,

      In our application we are using ig.loader to load only the necessary Infragistics controls dynamically in order to have a better performance. In a particular module in igGrid we are using a combo as a ComboEditorProviderCustom. It works fine when we are using the core.js and lob.js. But due to performance slowness in our application we don't want to use them. Currently we are facing issue in referring the ComboEditorProviderCustom in ig.loader. Kindly send us a sample application or the steps to refer the ComboEditorProviderCustom in the ig.loader.


Thanks in advance

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    Hello Ramesh,

    Creating CustomEditorProviderCombo depends on igCombo and igGrid files to be loaded. One way to do this using loader is to put them in the resources property. In order not to load all of grid files only Updating feature files can be loaded.

        scriptPath: "",
        cssPath: "",
        resources: " igCombo, igGrid.Updating"

    Attached you can find sample that uses loader has a grid with Updating function and has CustomEditorProviderCombo.

    In case that you have additional questions do not hesitate to ask them.