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Process Read Only event not firing on igGridHandler event

The problem I am facing is our grid correctly displays editors when clicking on them.  However, when you tab off of the field it goes into edit mode adjacent to the current field whether it is editable or not.  I traced it back to this event method not firing in the grid handler.  The value "readOnly" is not being copied from the igGridUpdating.columns to the igGrid.columns.

Therefore, when getting the "_visibleColumns" it omits these values which drives the behavior of the grid.  I don't think I am missing anything but how can I be sure?

infragistics.ui.grid.updating "_createHandlers".

_processReadOnly: function () {



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    Hello Karthik,


    Thank you for posting in our forum.


    In order to be sure I understand your scenario, some additional information would be greatly appreciated:


    • What is the grid initialization configuration that you use and have you enabled some other features as well?
    • Please check if the column to be readOnly has been properly set as such in the columnSettings option of the Updating feature. Are there any other Updating options that you have enabled?
    • Is there a way for you to provide your igGrid configuration code or an isolated sample where this behavior occurs? This would allow me to debug on my side and find what is causing the problem.
    • Which version of Ignite UI do you use? Typing $.ui.igGrid.version” in the browser console would show you the build number.
    • Do you get any error in the browser console when this issue appears and if so – what is the error message stack-trace?



    If you need any additional assistance, feel free to contact me.