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Duplication of the delete button in a igHierarchicalGrid using IE11

Hello, there is a bug with a delete button in igHierarchicalGrid.
I'm using:


IE11 browser,

IgniteUI infragistics.core.js, infragistics.lob.js version 16.1.20161.2270.

The fact is, that when i hover cursor over the child row, "deleteButton" appears also on the parent row - not only on child row. This situation occurs only in IE11.

How can i solve this bug in IE11?

Is there any updates of version 16.1.20161.2270 without buying a new IgniteUi version?

Thanks in advance!

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    Offline posted

    Hello George,


    Thank you for posting in our forum.


    This is an issue that has been fixed in the later versions of IgniteUI – 16.2, 17.1, 17.2 and 18.1.


    We provide bug fixes for each Ignite UI version for an year – there are Service Releases that are scheduled each April and November, and another two years of support to the customers afterwards, with information regarding the product/help with the setup, etc. The last Service Release for 16.1 was scheduled for April 2017, hence we do not provide bug fixes for it anymore.

    Detailed information regarding the product lifecycle and support state you may find here:


    If you need any additional assistance, feel free to contact me.