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iggrid grouped column


I have these data:

item col1 col2 date

row1 44  55  september

row1 66 88 dicember

I need this:

item   september     dicember


row1 44*******55*****66*****88

is it possible?

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    Offline posted

    Hello Luca,


    Thank you for posting in our forum.


    As I am not sure whether I understand correctly the way you need to transform you data - as far as I see you want to remove duplicate records from your datasource and have a grid with multi-column headers that would contain the months as well as all the aggregated columns for each record? 

    I would appreciate if you please provide larger sample datasets in the actual current format and structure that you use - JSON,XML, etc, as well as some more details on why you need your data transformed in such a way? 

    This way I would be able to get a better idea of your specific requirements and give you a more precise answer.