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"Select All" with Remote Paging


I realize that this is a known limitation. Select All will not work across all pages when Remote Paging is enabled; however, this is causing some major problems. Remote Paging is necessary in our situation as we are dealing with more than 10,000 rows. There aren't many cases where we would need to "select all" rows, but "deselecting all" is critical. When a user has a row checked buried within one of the pages it is extremely difficult to find the row that is checked.

I am looking for a solution to this first and foremost. I can try to solve this in a couple ways...

1) I've tried to bind a javascript function to the "select/deselect all" check box so that I could try to programmatically select all rows in the grid DataSource on the client side to no avail. I'd rather not use an external button for aesthetic reasons. Having the "select all" checkbox on top of the column is a natural assumption for the user and there isn't a nice way to hide it. If it is visible the assumption is the user is going to try and use it (to select/deselect all).

2) Is it possible to sort by the "check box" column? I am also using Remote Sorting.

3) Lastly, and this would be most ideal, Is there a way to capture the event of the "select all" checkbox, send the value to the server and set a "Selected" property on the GridDataSource rows? I think this column value could then be used to pprogrammatically select the grid rows in the grid.

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