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RowEditDialog - Multiline Editor - Wrap Text

I am using the code below to show a multiline text box for a description field. The text is not wrapping within the textbox. How can I make the text wrap within the width of the text box?

columnKey: "UserDescription",
editorType: "text",
readOnly: false,
required: true,
validation: true,
editorOptions: {
height: 100,
width: 300,
textMode: "multiline"

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    Offline posted
    Hello William,
    The settings you have used should correctly wrap text when editing.
    Note that these options are valid only while editing a row/cell. Once you hit Enter/Done for example the text might not appear wrapped since it is not in edit mode anymore and is using the default rendering logic.

    If you actually have an issue with the text not wrapping while editing, this is not an expected behavior and it would be appreciated if you send us more information regarding your configuration so we can investigate this further. For example a small sample where this is reproduced.
    Svetoslav Krastev,