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iggrid Paging


Is there a way to show all of my results in a iggrid with a vertical scrollbar? 


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    Hello Mohd,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    By design Paging feature provides pageSizeList option which gives you the opportunity to include a new page size (in your case this might be the final count of the records in the underlying data source) available to the end users trough the drop down in the grid header.

    If  you are looking for a way to always display all grid records on one page with scrollbar my suggestion is using Virtualization feature instead of Paging. Virtualization will boost performance when displaying large data sets containing thousands of records. It improves both rendering and scrolling as well as memory footprint.It works by reducing the DOM objects in-memory and reusing them while the user scrolls and operates with data. Some further information about Virtualization feature can be found here and here.

    If Virtualization is not suitable for your scenario please feel free to get back to me with all the details regarding your scenario.

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