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How to avoid to type dot in ig grid edit

Hi Support,

We are using IgGrid and facing one issue in that.

Expected : I have to edit the column value either 0 or 1

Result : But i cable to able enter 0.5 like . how to avoid typing dot

Sample Code:

            name: "Updating",
            enableAddRow: false,
            enableDeleteRow: true,
            enableCheckBoxes: true,
            editMode: "row",
            autoCommit: true,
            columnSettings: [
                 columnKey: "Range",                             
                 editorOptions: {type: 'number', minValue: 0, maxValue: 1}


Thanks in advance

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    Offline posted

    Hello Senthil Ramachandran,

    I have created a private support case for you with an ID of CAS-199156-C9M0M9.  I'll assist you about your question in this private case.  You can view the status of the case by going to the “Account” tab on our website, selecting "My Support Activity" and then this support case will be listed there.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.