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igCombo "select" method not trigging event, binding knockout

When calling the "select" method and passing "true" for the "event" parameter, this does not call the "selectionChanged" event like the documentation says.

See attached sample.

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    In the select method you have to add the element not the data.
    In you case when you call:

    ui.owner.element.igCombo("select", filteredItems[0].data, { }, triggerSelectionChanged);

    the method is not executed because it expect jQuery element.
    You have to change it to:

    ui.owner.element.igCombo("select", filteredItems[0].element, { }, triggerSelectionChanged);

    Here is the link for the api documentation for this method:

    Let me know if I may be of further assistance.

    Nadia Robakova