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Ignite UI for JavaScript igDataChart properties


I'm in the process of investigating the capabilities of the igDataChart control to see if it'll meet our requirements. What I would like to know is if there is a way to see what properties are available while writing JS code.  For example, how do I know what properties are available when creating a series. Below is a sample I hauled from the IG website and as you can see it references properties like: markerType, xAxis, brush, etc. How do I know what else is available?

var series = {
type: "line",
markerType: "none",
xAxis: "xAxis",
yAxis: "yAxis",
brush: "#008DFF",
name: seriesMemberPath + "series",
title: seriesTitle,
valueMemberPath: seriesMemberPath,
isTransitionInEnabled: true,
isHighlightingEnabled: true,
showTooltip: true,
thickness: 3


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    Hi Calvin,

    If you are writing in typescript, you can benefit in strong typing, compile time checking and intellisense features due to the type definitions.

    Also, there is the intellisense extension for VS Code that will provide Intellisense for the Ignite UI product.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.