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Send email HTML editor control text with Embedded images


We are using Ingragisting Html editor.

Requirement : 

User can enter the text and add the Images between the text. After Click on submitting button the content of the Richrext editor will be send as an email.


Users are recieving email. But inthe email context Embedded image is not showing. Email content is looking Submitter image path  Hence image(s) are not displaying.

Please share any workaround to handle this issue. 

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    Offline posted

    Hi Prem,

    From what you've written above it's not clear how you're embedding the images into the html (which is the content of the igHtmlEditor). I assume these image are stored somewhere on your web-site folder structure and the html provided to the users contains images with relative urls. In most of the cases the users won't have access to them.

    My suggestion is to embed the base64 encoded images. That way the users won't have any problems to preview the html you're sending to them. This means that you'll have to provide a base64 encoded string as image source.

    Another option is to upload those images to some publicly available location in the internet and provide the absolute urls into the html's image source.


    Bobby Kulov