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Iggrid with inline edit and Row edit dialog box for specified column

Hi all,

I have a IgGird with some inline editable columns. Now I want to display a long text in the same grid. As the text column contains more length, I would like to display this column in a pop up window to feasible for read and edit the text value.

So I went to rowedit dialog box feature of the Iggird (, but it affected the existing editable columns. Now the gird displays all the editable columns in a dialog/popup, so my existing features of the grid is affected.

Now my requirement is, I want to display only one editable column in the popup/dialog box and other editable columns should be in inline edit mode.

kindly help me for to resolve this issue ASAP.

Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Lakshmi,


    The easiest way is to use a custom dialog that will pop up only when the user clicks on the "User Comment" cell and will trigger a row edit when user clicks on other columns.

    Here is an example definition of the dialog:

    <div id="dialog" style="display:none">
    <textarea id="titleValue"></textarea>
    <input type="button" id="save" value="Save"/>

    The decision whether to open the custom dialog or inline editing you can do in the igGrid.cellClick event. Here is an example:

    cellClick: function (evt, ui) {
    var colKey = ui.colKey, cellValue;
    rowKey = ui.rowKey;
    $("#grid").igGridUpdating("endEdit", false);
    if (colKey === "Title") {
    state: "opened",
    height: 160,
    width: 220
    $("#titleValue").val($("#grid").igGrid("getCellValue", rowKey, colKey));
    $("#grid").igGridUpdating("startEdit", rowKey, "Title");

    And the button "Save" click handler:


    $("#save").on("click", function (evt, ui) {
    $("#grid").igGridUpdating("setCellValue", rowKey, "Title", $("#titleValue").val());

    I'm attaching a working sample for your reference.


    Best regards,
    Martin Pavlov
    Infragistics, Inc.