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Message "This field is required" not translating for igGrid columns

I have an igGrid and all translations are working perfectly, except the required message.

My loader:

    scriptPath: "Scripts/",
    cssPath: "Content/",
    resources: "igGrid.Updating,igPieChart,igChartLegend,igCombo",
    locale: "nl, fr, en"

My grid:

	language: "nl",
	dataSource: response,
	responseDataKey: "OpstartKostenplaats",
	updateUrl: urlCustomerStartup_SetKostenplaatsen,
	autoGenerateColumns: false,
	primaryKey: "Volgnummer",
	autoCommit: true,
	width: "100%",
	height: "360px",
	columns: [
		{ headerText: "", key: "Volgnummer", dataType: "number", hidden: true },
		{ headerText: "", key: "Klantnr", dataType: "string", hidden: true },
		{ headerText: "", key: "Login", dataType: "object", hidden: true },
		{ headerText: "Code", key: "Code", dataType: "string", width: "20%" }
	features: [
			name: 'Updating',
			columnSettings: [{
				columnKey: "Klantnr",
				defaultValue: webCustomer.Klantnr
				columnKey: "Login",
				defaultValue: [webUser.Gebruikersnaam]
			}, {
				columnKey: "Code",
				required: true,
				editorOptions: {
					maxLength: 10

Everything is translated using the files in "modules\i18n\infragistics*-nl.js", even the message for maxLength, but for the required text (f.e. columnKey: "Code", required: true"), it keeps using the text of "modules\infragistics.ui.validator.js" in stead of "modules\i18n\infragistics.ui.validator-nl.js". Do I need an extra resource in the loader? I tried igValidator and igNotifier, but it doesn't help. Any other solution?

Version of Ignite UI: 2018.2

Thanks for your help!

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    Hello Serge, 

    Thank you for posting in our forum. 

    I have investigated this and it seems that all resources are loaded correctly, however it seems that the editors don’t pass their language settings to their related validators, hence the validator uses the default language.

    You can work around this by explicitly setting the matching language for the validator options, for example: 

    columnSettings: [
                                                   columnKey: "Key",
                                                    required: true,
                                                    editorOptions: {
                                                                    validatorOptions : {
                                                                                    language: “nl”

     I have logged an issue for the editors in our public repo, which you can subscribe to and track:

     Let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. 


    Maya Kirova