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igPopover in igGrid interaction with selection


I've been trying to use the igPopover inside an igGrid and got some starting points on this thread:

The problem I am currently having seems to be an interaction between some of the popver properties and the grid selection event. If I try initializing the popover inside rowSelectionChanging, all seems fine, until I try and set one of showOn, maxHeight or maxWidth. Once these are set, the row selection seems to stop working (the first selected row remains selected). While Debugging, I see the rowSelectionChanging event being triggered, and the popover works, but the actual row selection does not update.

Although in the original example, the popover is initialized inside "rendered" this does not work in the original application (which I can't reproduce in the test app), and I would like to know if using rowSelectionChanging as the init point is possible, without affecting the actual interaction with the selection.

I've attached a sample app showing the above described behavior. Any help getting this to work would be much appreciated.