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igGridFiltering reverts to 'Equals' once another filter is cleared

I have a problem right now where I'm trying to filter by two columns by default, like so:

function filterGrid() {

{ fieldName: "Status", expr: "Closed", cond: "doesNotContain", logic: 'AND' },
{ fieldName: "Name", expr: 'Joe', cond: "equals", logic: 'AND' }

The filters are applied correctly on load, but once you click 'x' to clear the "Name" filter, the "Status" filter goes from 'doesNotContain' to 'Equals', and messes up the filtered results. Is there any way arount this? this function is being called on the igGrid rendered callback.

(PS your 'insert code' option in the html editor does not work in the slightest. Text is edited about 15 characters left of the cursor, and when you click insert nothing happens. )

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