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Loop through all selected rows in Virtualized igGrid


Could you please provide a code sample that would loop through all selected rows on a rowVirtualization enabled version 2017.2 igGrid and return the column value for a Column called 'UUID'? The grid has enableCheckBoxes set to true.

My code (included below) fails when attempting to access non-rendered rows. The only other reference I have found to this is at the following URL, but the answer isn't expanded on in any great detail and relates to an older version of the control.

Many Thanks.

var rowId;
var securities = new Array();

var rows = $("#SecurityGrid").igGridSelection("selectedRows");

$.each(rows, function (ix, el) {
rowId = el.element.attr("data-id");
var uuid = $("#SecurityGrid").igGrid("getCellValue", rowId, "UUID");