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igTree - Drag and Drop of multiple nodes, and RTL support


I would like to ask if igTree support the following:

1. Drag and drop of multiple nodes.

2. Drag and drop of multiple nodes without check boxes.

3. RTL support for languages like Hebrew and Arabic. For this to work, the whole layout of the tree have to be flipped horizontally, so child nodes appear to the left of their parent instead of to the right, and so on.

Thank you,


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    Offline posted

    Dear Oren Golan,

    Thank you for posting on our forum.


    Please be advised that our IgTree supports drag and drop for a single node at a time. However, using drag and drop, it is possible to group nodes under a single parent node during runtime.


    Furthermore, currently IgniteUI has partial support for RTL and the IgTree is not included in it. You may find more information on which controls support RTL in the following forum post – RTL Support


    Please be sure to contact us again if you need additional assistance.