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Are there Server-side capabilities for Ignite UI controls and javascript code?

We currently create reports with one or more igGrid(s) and igDataChart(s) using Ignite UI, jQuery and a lot of javascript. We develop our web-based application using Visual Studio 2017 plus the .NET Core 2 MVC environment.

We would like the ability to use as much of this code as possible, running on a server with pre-canned parameters to create the same reports, and from that generate output in PDF format that can then be sent out as email attachments.

1. Can we use the code (javascript, jQuery, Ignite UI, igGrid, igDataChart) in a Node.js environment or similar for server-side generation?
2. Is there some other Infragistics environment runnable in ASP.Net Core 2, excluding React and Angular, that would support generating the reports on both client and server sides?

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    Hello Ray, 

    Thank you for posting in our forum.

    In general we do have a document’s engine that can create PDF reports from grids on the server side:

    And it should also be able to export the charts (as images). However it is currently not compatible with .Net Core. 

    As for client-side report generation, we currently only provide a client-side excel engine that can export excel files only: 

    So if your aim is to export the visual data from your web page to a PDF file that looks exactly the same as the web view there is currently no built-in functionality in the IgniteUI product that would allow you to do that. 


    Maya Kirova