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Reg : Column Header & Column Alignment mismatched during Asynchronous Refresh / callback


We are facing the design issue in infragistics webdatagrid. The column and header alignment is mismatched during asynchronous refresh.

We have freezed first few columns in webdatagrid. After scrolling to the right most end, with the horizontal scroll bar at right end, asynchronous callback is done to refresh the grid, the columns and header alignment is mismatched.

We have provided right border for columns.

Kindly help us to resolve the issue.

Please find download link for the sample to reproduce the issue.

Thanks in advance.

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    I was able to run the sample you provided and I saw there are misalignments.

    I was able to observe misalignments immediately after starting the sample, there was no need to scroll right.

    Can you please answer several questions:

    1. Are you using the original Default theme or you have made some changes in it?

    2. Do you have any other CSS files, which are used by this project? For example, I see you are setting an "aligncenter" CSS class to some fields but I am unable to find this class anywhere.

    3. You are referring some right borders for the columns, where did you set them?

    4. Are you having the misalignment issues only after asynchronous refresh? (I think I can see the misalignment issues immediately after starting the sample).