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igGrid change icon in custom template after successfull Ajax

I'm using an igGrid with custom templates. I have a column where the category is shown. If no category is set yet, there is an exclamation button. When clicked on, a popup opens and the user can fill in a form to assign the category.

The table does nog have to be updated with this new category yet, beecause the data needs to be recalculated first to get the new proper data. But it would be nice if after the successful Ajax call, this exclamation button can be replaced with a check icon that indicates that this category already is assigned so the user wont be assigning this again.

For the form to assign the category, I'm using the Ajax.BeginForm with AjaxOptions:

AjaxOptions ajaxOptions = new AjaxOptions

HttpMethod = "Post",
InsertionMode = InsertionMode.ReplaceWith,
UpdateTargetId = "assign-category-modal"


Is this possible?