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How to keep state of grid's horizontal scroll when select a row of grid in IE11?

I scroll horizontal to the end grid and I select a row in grid then the grid's horizontal scroll back to start.

Can i keep state in IE?

Help me


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    Hello Hiroyuki, 

    Thank you for posting in our forum. 

    IE always scroll the focused element in view so that the start of the focused element is visible. Since in this case the clicked/focused element is the whole row IE will automatically scroll so that the start of the row is in view.

    If you don’t necessarily need the rows to be focused you can set the activation option of the Selection feature to false, for example:


                    name: "Selection",
                    mode: 'row',
                      activation : false,
                    multipleSelection: true,
                    persist: true

     Let me know if that would solve your issue.


    Maya Kirova