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igGrid Summaries display as percent

We are displaying a grid with some fake data in it and we want to show the summary column as a percentage with a precision of 2 decimals places.  We have the value showing up but how do I format the value to read:


Right now it omits the percent sign.  I've tried the "rowDisplayLabel" but that is more of a prefixing.  I tried different format values like "{0:P2}" but that didn't work either.

settings.ColumnSetting().ColumnKey("CompensationPercentageOver").AllowSummaries(true).SummaryOperands(x =>

The column is setup as a normal column as a number.

For extra brownie points - is there any way to show specific values in a different color?  Like negative values should be red while positive values should be in black.  Thoughts?

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