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igGrid - Updating - Stop Enter Key from Submitting/Saving

I am using the igGrid edit dialog, and when editing text in a text box, when i hit return, the dialog is interpreting that as save. I want save to happen only during the Done button click. I would like return to acutally enter a new line in the text field, not save.

Additionally, I have the text field to be setup using multiline in the ColumnUpdatingSettings config, but the control is only on one line. How can i get the input field to wrap text.

ColumnSettings = new List<ColumnUpdatingSetting>() {
        new ColumnUpdatingSetting() { ColumnKey = "NoteText", EditorType = ColumnEditorType.Text, TextEditorOptions = new TextEditorModel(){  TextMode = TextEditorTextMode.Multiline  }  },