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Iggrid rowoffset problem

Hi team,

i am using a iggrid in which we could see the row size is getting vary between movable columns and fixed columns.

could you please let us the way to fix it.



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    This following works better if you need to scroll to an arbitrary item in the list (rather than always to the bottom):

    function scrollIntoView(element, container) {
      var containerTop = $(container).scrollTop(); 
      var containerBottom = containerTop + $(container).height(); 
      var elemTop = element.offsetTop;
      var elemBottom = elemTop + $(element).height(); 
      if (elemTop < containerTop) {
      } else if (elemBottom > containerBottom) {
        $(container).scrollTop(elemBottom - $(container).height());
    The Note"Iggrid rowoffset"there is more information visit:
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