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UltraWeb Grid click events are not triggered on IE 11.

I have a ultrawebgrid used in my application .While clicking a cell on it should navigate to other screen.Which is not been done in IE11.

What is the similar control to be used instead of UltraWebGrid having similar features as it?

Does there exists another feature on ultrawebgrid so i can continue using those?

Were all the features of Ultrawebgrid are retired working on IE11?

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    Hello Vandana,

    The UltraWebGrid is not supported in IE11. For a control that supports IE11 you will need to migrate to the WebDataGrid or WebHierarchicalDataGrid, version 2013 Vol. 1 or later. For more information about the supported environments please see the Infragistics Supported Environments page.

    Please note that the UltraWebGrid and several of the other classic ASP.NET Web Forms controls were retired after the release of 2011 Vol. 1. If you are using any of these controls you will need to migrate to the newer control. The controls are not an exact equivalent as they are based on an entirely different framework and will require a rewrite. For more information about this migration please see the Classic Control Migration Guide.