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Need two hyperlinks in one cell in iggrid

Hi Team,

In my screen i am uploading a file to server and then it do some operation on other side.

Once the file is uploaded in the server and database table  is updating with the user details and file details.

My grid is displaying the user and file details in the iggrid. In my grid I am having a column like "action".

Once the file is uploaded there has to be two options one is "download" and other is "remove" for each row.

i need  two hyperlinks in a  cell.If the user is clicking download it will download the uploded file and if they click remove it will delete the file from server.


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    Offline posted

    Hi Lakshmi,

    What you want to achieve is column templating. You may wish to take a look to our jQuery product’s help section topic on basic column templating. The example given in the link is for a single button, but you could easily adapt it in accordance to your needs.

    If you need any further assistance for our products, please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards,
    Petko Bozhinov,
    Infragistics Inc.