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Is it possible to use a remote datasource in comboboxes that are in an IgGrid?

I have an IgGrid and I have a few columns that I would like to use a remote datasource for searching. I can make this work with a local json object without any issues but when I try to use a remote datasource I always get this error 

There is no schema / fields specified. You need to specify a schema with field definitions and types to be able to filter the data source.

This is how I'm defining my column. Is a domcbo with a remote datasource even supported in IgGrid? Is there an example somewhere?

columnKey: "hierarchy",
editorType: "combo",
required: true,
editorOptions: {
dataSourceUrl: hierarchyDataSourceUrl + 'Merchandise&filterValue=HierarchyClassName',
textKey: "HierarchyName",
valueKey: "HierarchyId"