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Number format applied on igGrid integer column filter text when user clicks outside the grid area

Hi Team,

I have an ID as integer column in IgGrid with filtering option. When i type the ID in filter, the grid is filtered with the ID which i entered. When i click out side the grid, the value in the filter text getting number format with comma separation. Number format should be removed on filter text. I have also attached the screenshot and highlighted the issue with yellow color. Please find the attachment and let me know how to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Number format applied on filter text when user clicks outside the grid, Please give the solution..



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    Any update on the above?

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    Hi Shrenath,

    In order to fulfil your requirements, editorOptions collection can be modified for the column of your choice. This option specifies the options to initialize the corresponding editor with. Please keep in mind that the filter input is an instance of our igEditor. The consequence of that fact is the ability to use and set all editorOptions for a numericEditor. One of these options is exactly the groupSeparator, which when being set to “” (an empty string), tends to display the filtering number without any characters in between the number itself.

    My suggestion, dressed up in code, may look like the following:

    features: [
    		name: "Filtering",
    		columnSettings: [{
    			columnKey: "ID",
    			editorType: "numeric",
    			editorOptions: {
    				groupSeparator: ""

    If you have any further questions, regarding our products, please, do not hesitate to contact me!

    Best regards,
    Petko Bozhinov,
    Infragistics, Inc.