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iggrid savechanges doesn't call web api update


I have project where web api uses attribute routing and somehow rest binding doesn't work on my iggrid.

On other project without attribute routing it works and update method is called after editing ended. 

What's the problem here?   I'm getting 404  PUT localhost:53300/.../8281452

// PUT api/values/5


public void Save (int id, [FromBody]Item value)


$(function () {
var dataURL = "">localhost:53300/.../values";
dataSource: dataURL,
primaryKey: "TIDnumber",
restSettings: {
update: { url: dataURL },
remove: { url: dataURL, batch: true },
create: {
url: "dataURL",
batch: true
autoGenerateColumns: false,
height: "350px",
width: "800px",
columns: [
{ headerText: "TIDnumber", key: "TIDnumber", dataType: "number" },
{ headerText: "Description", key: "Description", dataType: "string" },
{ headerText: "Quantity", key: "Quantity", dataType: "string" }
features: [
name: "Updating",
editMode: 'row',
editCellStarted: onEditCellStarted,
editRowEnded: onEditCellEnded,
columnSettings: [{
columnKey: 'TIDnumber',
readOnly: true
columnKey: "Description",
editorType: 'string',
validation: true,
editorOptions: { required: true }


thank you