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igGrid AppendRowsOnDemand Scrolling

I recently upgraded to IgniteUI 18.2.83.

I have used the AppendRowsOnDemand feature for a long time and I have found that some users are unable to scroll down and load more records if their browser is zoomed in or out to a certain level. Once I set their browser's zoom level back to normal it usually fixes the problem. However, in this new version of IgniteUI I now have some users who cannot scroll down to load more records no matter what. I do not have this problem when I use the system, but some of my other users do.

Has anyone run into this problem before? I am using jquery 3.4.1 because my system admins have recently required me to move to the newest version of the jquery library.

Here is a sample of how I configure the AppendRowsOnDemand feature in my grid:

        name: "AppendRowsOnDemand",
        type: "remote",
        recordCountKey: "TotalRowCount",
        chunkIndexUrlKey: "ChunkIndex",
        chunkSizeUrlKey: "ChunkSize",
        chunkSize: 30,
        loadTrigger: "auto"