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string column with checkbox and text?


I have string columns MakeFlag with valid / invalid  values and want display checkbox along based on that.

Did that already and it's almost working but I don't want user to be able edit text value just the checkbox, now he can do both.

how to do that?     thanks

            $(function () {
                var dataURL = "">localhost:54493/.../values";
                    dataSource: dataURL,
                    primaryKey: "TIDnumber",
                    renderCheckboxes: true,
                    restSettings: {
                        update: { url: dataURL + "/Save" },  
                            remove: { url: dataURL, batch: true },
                            create: { url: dataURL, batch: true }
                autoGenerateColumns: false,
                height: "350px",
                width: "800px",
                columns: [
                        {headerText: "TIDnumber", key: "TIDnumber", dataType: "number" },
                        {headerText: "Description", key: "Description", dataType: "string" },
                        { headerText: "Quantity", key: "Quantity", dataType: "string" },
                    { headerText: "Make Flag", key: "MakeFlag", dataType: "string", width: "15%", template: "<input type='checkbox' {{if ${MakeFlag} == 'Valid'}} checked='checked' {{/if}}>${MakeFlag}" }
                features: [
                        name: "Updating",
                        editMode: 'cell',
                        editCellEnded: onEditCellEnded,
                        columnSettings: [{
                            columnKey: 'TIDnumber',
                        readOnly: true
                columnKey: "Description",
                editorType: 'string',
                validation: true,
                                editorOptions: {required: true }

 function onEditCellEnded(event, args) {
                if (args.columnKey == "MakeFlag") {
                    //var cell = args.editor;
                    var cellValue = $("#grid1").igGrid("getCellValue", args.rowID, "MakeFlag");
                    if (cellValue == "Valid") {
                        $("#grid1").igGridUpdating("setCellValue", args.rowID, "MakeFlag", "Invalid");
                    } else if (cellValue == "Invalid") {
                        $("#grid1").igGridUpdating("setCellValue", args.rowID, "MakeFlag", "Valid");

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