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Telerik Kendo UI vs Infragistics Ignite UI

Heading into a large Dev project and my team is considering both the Kendo UI and the Ignite UI.

Does anyone out there have experience with or thoughts about either or both? We're hoping to avoid any unforeseen problems before we dive head-long into one of the two frameworks...

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    Hello JumbinGomes,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    There are many advantages of using Ignite UI toolset rather than any of our competitors. Here we have an article making the comparison - "Infragistics vs. The Competition", which I believe you might find helpful. This article is referring to Ignite Ui for Angular toolset, however, most of the advantages are applicable to the Ignite UI for JavaScript as well.

    In case that you have any concerns or `questions after reading the comparison article I will arrange someone from our sales team to contact you and answer any potential questions that you have.

    Thank you for considering Infragistics components!

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