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How to make a code generator like builderx?

I wanna make a simple page creator for a app with my own components. Currently I'm using command line with dust.js to generate some boilerplate. But now I want to use something with a UI interface and drag n drop capabilities.

I did some researches and I found this lib (Fabric.js) but I don't know how to associate a SVG representation of the component to their respective code (in react).

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    Hello SebastianSamuel, 

    Thank you for posting in our forum. 

    FabricJS is not an Infragistics product nor do we have components that use it or provide out of the box integration with it.

    As this question does not seem to be related to an existing product or service Infragistics providers I would recommend that you post it on stackoverlow (or similar site) so that it may reach wider audience that may have experience with the libraries you use.

    This forum is mainly for questions related to Infragistics products and as such is unlikely to contain the information you seek.

    If you have any questions related to Infragistics products please feel free to share them here. 


    Maya Kirova