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Validation for datepicker in iggrid

Hi Infragistics Team,

While updating a row in grid, we have Start Date and End Date. I am stuck with validation of this column.

1.When I select Start Date, datepicker for End Date should show dates greater than Start date and previous dates should be disabled in the datepicker.

Columns -

Validation part –


Can you help for the above validation? Thanks!

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    Offline posted

    Hello Tapas,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    I have created and attached a sample illustrating the desired behavior. By handling the editCellStarting event, the rowID is retrieved and then used for getting the "BEGIN_DATE" cell value:

    editCellStarting: function (evt, ui) {
    	rowID = ui.rowID;

    When opening the date picker in the "END_DATE" column, the dropDownListOpening event of the control is handled to set the minDate option to the retrieved value.

    columnKey: "END_DATE",
    editorType: "datepicker",
    editorOptions: {
    	dropDownListOpening: function (evt, ui) {
    		var BEGIN_DATE = $("#grid").igGrid("getCellText", rowID, "BEGIN_DATE");
    		if (date) BEGIN_DATE = date;
    		$(ui.editorInput[0]).datepicker("option", "minDate", new Date(BEGIN_DATE));
    		date = null;