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set combo box value onload

Here is my controller:

 IEnumerable<SelectListItem> tableList = filteredResultFinal.Select(i => new SelectListItem
                Value = i,
                Text = i,
                Selected = i.Equals(tableName)
  return View(tableList);
here is my VIEW:
Combo box:
            inputName: "tableName",
            width: "270px",
            filteringType: "local",
            filteringCondition: "contains",
            highlightMatchesMode: "contains",
            valueKey: "value",
            placeHolder: "Select Equipment...",
            dropDownOrientation: "bottom",
            allowCustomValue: false,
            loadOnDemandSettings: {
                enabled: true,
                pageSize: 10
            initialSelectedItems:[{ value: $("#myViewData").val()}]