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Limiting input on drop down list.

Limiting input on drop down list.

I have a field for which the user should only be able to select a value from the list.
I have set this up using an infragistics editor and the drop down is working. However, the user is still able to modify the input by typing. I want to limit them to whatever is in the drop down. How can I do this?
I am using  MVC3 and Razor. Here is a snippet:

@(Html.Infragistics().TextEditorFor(model => model.Type)
.ListItems(new List<string>() { "Item1", "Item2"})
.ValidatorOptions(m => m.OnSubmit(true).OnChange(true).OnBlur(true).ShowIcon(true).KeepFocus(ValidatorKeepFocus.Never).FormSubmit(true))