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Grid in Partial View

I have a razor view that has an igGrid on it which works fine.  I have a button which opens a jQuery window and loads a partial view with an igGrid on it.  No matter what options I select, I keep getting a "stack overflow" error before the grid calls the server to get the data to populate the grid.  If I make the partial page a regular view then the grid loads successfully.  Also if I load the partial page in a dialog on a page that doesn't have an igGrid, then it loads successfully.  I also tried to reload the infragistics js files or not and that doesn't matter.  Here is the partial page razor code:





        .Columns(column => {

            column.For(c => c.LastName).DataType("string").HeaderText("Last Name").Width("200px");


        .DataSourceUrl(Url.Action("GetStudentSearchData_Ajax", "Class"))





Any help would be appreciated.