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Infragistics IGGrid with checkbox


I am using Infragistics grid in MVC3. In the Infragistics grid i want a column to have a checkbox and this checkbox is checked based on the data from the database. Could you please guide me how to do with MVC3 razor.



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    Hello Suresh A,

    If you want to display checkboxes into the column then you can accomplish this through row template. Row template uses jQuery Templates (See ) and is enabled by setting "rowTemplate" and "jQueryTemplating" properties in igGrid.

    Here is the example:

    In Aspx:


    @(Html.Infragistics().Grid(Model).ID("grid1").RowTemplate("<tr><td>${ProductID}</td><td>${Name}</td><td>${ProductNumber} </td><td><input type='checkbox' {{if IsAvailable}} checked='checked' {{/if}}></td><tr>")




    In JS:


    var exampleDataSource = [ {"ProductID": "1", "Name": "Product", "ProductNumber": "Art1", "IsAvailable": 1}];


    $(window).load(function () {


    autoGenerateColumns: false,

    rowTemplate: "<tr><td>${ProductID}</td><td>${Name}</td><td>${ProductNumber} </td><td><input type='checkbox' {{if IsAvailable}} checked='checked' {{/if}}></td><tr>",

    columns: [

    {headerText: "ProductID", key: "ProductID" },

    {headerText: "Name", key: "Name" },

    {headerText: "ProductNumber", key: "ProductNumber" },

    {headerText: "IsAvailable", key: "IsAvailable" }


    jQueryTemplating: true,

    dataSource: exampleDataSource






    You can see how to use row template in ASPX and Razor scenario in this sample:


    For igGridUpdating we don't have support for checkboxes right now. Available editors are listed in this help topic:


    Hope this helps,

    Martin Pavlov

    Infragistics, Inc.

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