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Netadvantage for JQuery and Sharepoint

Hi We would like to integrate two of the jquery components (igGrid and igChart) in our Sharepoint 2007 application. We want to use the JQuery controls because the chart it is one of the best controls for user interaction.

I've made a simple test with igGrid and soon I've noticed that inside my sharepoint application the component has problems, first it is not possible to drag columns for grouping and the color of the columns header is wrong when hovering.

Of course I test the same Html and javascript importing the same jquery and ig js and css files on an standalone page and the grid works at it should.

I've tried to remove all original css from my sharepoint application but it does not fix the problem so it makes me suspect on the sharepoint core.js that I cannot remove to test without my page failing to load.

Is there any reported incompatibility between Netadvantage for JQuery and Sharepoint? (I use jquery 1.6.2)

BTW, out of topic, it would be great to have component demos not only for MVC but also for web forms, specially about how to post back data (selections/editions) to the server.