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igGrid Live updates

Hi !

I'm trying to implement live data on the client side with igGrid + igDataSource. I have html page and wcf rest service, i'am using   setInterval method to request items from service.

 setInterval(function () {
                    type: "GET",
                    async: true,
                    url: 'Service1/Orders',
                    dataType: "json",
                    success: function (result) {
                        $(result).each(function (key, value) {

                           gridDataSource.addRow(gridrowIndex, value, true);
                    error: function (xhr) {
            }, 5000);

All rows are coming to datasource, but there is no updates in my igGrid until i apply sort, group by, move to the next page by mouse click.


DataSource init:

var gridData = [];
var gridrowIndex = -1;
var gridDataSource = new $.ig.DataSource({
             dataSource: gridData,
              type: "json",
              filtering: { type: "local" },
              sorting: { type: "local" },
              paging: { enabled: true, pageSize: 10, type: "local" }

igGrid init:

              virtualization: false,
                autoGenerateColumns: true,
                autoCommit: true,
                dataSource: gridDataSource,
                height: '930px',
                width: '700px',





I tried to play around commit(), savechanges() etc on igGrid and igDatasouce but it doesn't help.


What's wrong? any ideas?

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