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Can igGrid support data paged in database?

  Can I setting the igGrid's pager by myself instead of auto-generated by igGrid?

  I want to bind data page by page on-demand but not bind all data to igGrid on load. It often cause to crash!



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    i am not sure i follow. When paging is enabled, the grid never binds to all the records. It depends in which mode the paging is - local or remote. 

    If you are using the MVC wrapper for the grid, and paging is set to Remote, the grid will use LINQ expressions to limit the number of records that are bound to pageSize. after that, only those records' JSON will be sent to the client. Whenever you change the page, the same will be done for the other page's records.

    If paging is set to local, then inevitably, the grid will bind to all records on the server side, send them to the client, and after that paging will be performed locally, without making any remote requests on page changes. So the benefit you get from local paging is that all your data is on the client, and changing the page means rendering a new batch of records (but all the data is there, on the client).

    Hope it helps. Thanks,


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    Hi ,

    But what if we have bunch of data like 5000+ then how it will perform in terms of performance.

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