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Category Series sample - Bar chart

I was looking at this sample ( which demonstrates the various Category Series available in the chart control. I have a similar scenario, where the user will select the chart types they want to see. I tried to add bar chart to that dropdown but the code didn't support that. Is there any reason behind this.



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    posted in reply to Guru

    Hi, Guru

    You can use the Bar and Column Series sample as an example how to switch between bar an column series. Basically, it defines two divs and creates two charts: one column, and the other bar on the two divs. Then upon selecting a chart type from the drop-down it hides one of the divs and shows the other.

    Please, investigate this solution. It is possible to remove all axes and series objects and define the again, and thus achieve the same functionality with only one div and chart object but it is more complicated. If you wish I can provide you such an example.

    Cheers, Lazar