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gDataChart - Change data point colour on selection


Could you please let me know if there is anyway to change or overwrite the colour of a data point (regardless of chart type i.e. column, bar, line, scatter, bubble etc.) when it is clicked via seriesMouseLeftButtonDown event? I can find all the details about the data point from the event arguments, but would like to highlight the item to the user, which for high cardinality charts is important.



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    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for contacting us regarding this matter.

    Currently, styling individual series items in igDataChart does not seem to be possible. The list of configurable chart elements may be found at:

    I have submitted a product idea on your behalf regarding this functionality being added in the future with an id of PI13010111. I have sent your product idea directly to our product management team.  Our product team chooses new product ideas for development based on popular feedback from our customer base.  Infragistics continues to monitor application development for all of our products, so as trends appear in requested features, we can plan accordingly.

    If you would like to follow up on your product idea at a later point, you may contact Developer Support management via email.  Please include the reference number of your product idea in the subject and body of your email message.  You can reach Developer Support management through the following email address:

    Feel free to contact me if you need more information.