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Bind DataSet and change column settings


I'm binding a runtime-generated DataTable which is passed as a model via Razor. No updates are required, however I'd like to style a few of the known columns. This means that the .Column(b => b.For(c => ???)).Template("<a href... />") syntax doesn't work.

I've found a few answers on this forum mostly pointing towards creating a proper model etc, however in my case that won't work because it's unknown at design time.

A possible solution would be to retrospectively apply a template at runtime with JavaScript, making use of the $("#myGrid').live('iggridheaderrendered') features, however I've not been able to apply a column template here. I've even tried making the cell data actually BE the hyperlink, but after encoding it doesn't display.

The column in question will always be column zero.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks, Tom