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infragistics.loder.js - Dublicate append of tags


i am working on a ASP.NET MVC Single Page Application and i am using jQuery iggrid control. So i have noticed that if i use the following approach to create the grid:

$.ig.loader('igGrid.*', function () {

    if ($('selector').data("igGrid") === undefined) {

        $('grid selector').igGrid(gridOptions);



the css <link> elements are appended at the bottom of the <head> tag, so everything works fine so far. But if i delete and then create again a new grid without refreshing the page(as i said previously this is a Single Page Application), then these css <link> elements are appended again in the <head> and each time when i create a new grid this happens again. So i looked in the infragistics.loader.js file and i noticed that in this function:

    isLoadedCss: function (a) {
        return (a && a.length > 0 ? this._isLoadedHeadElem(a.substring(a.lastIndexOf("/")), "link") : false)

the second parameter of this._isLoadedHeadElem, "link" should be uppercase, when i change this, the condition in this function:

    _isLoadedHeadElem: function (f, g) {
        var b = document.documentElement,
            c, d = b.childNodes.length,
            a, e;
        if (b.nodeName !== "HEAD") {
            for (c = 0; c < d; c++) {
                if (b.childNodes[c].nodeName === "HEAD") {
                    b = b.childNodes[c];
            d = b.childNodes.length
        for (c = 0; c < d; c++) {
            a = b.childNodes[c];
            if (g === "LINK") {
                e = a.href
            } else {
                if (g === "SCRIPT") {
                    e = a.src
            if (e && a.nodeName === g && e.lastIndexOf(f) !== -1) {
                return true
        return false

works as it is expected and the DOM Pollution that i described above no longer appers. Could you please confirm that this is issue in the loader js file and that it will be fixed in the next releases?

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    I have created a support case on your behalf with number CAS-108176-B6J0W6. You can find your active cases under Account - Support Activity in our website. Select your ticket and go to Development Issues tab to view the status of related bugs.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.