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Not Persisting Selection While Filtering


  1. I have many records in grid, so the scrollbar will be there. Don't want to use paging due to specific requirements, so please don't suggest.
  2. User will apply different filteration on each column to select specific rows and press submit button to get results according to selected rows.


      Not Persisting Selection while filtering.

Reproduce Problem

  1. Select rows(single/multiple/all)
  2. Apply clear filter or any filteration on any column.
  3. It will not persist the selection

Please Check the attached sample to test.

Please suggest some solution.
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    Offline posted

    Hello Jamil,

    This behavior is by design. When a user applies filter then the grid is re-rendered and any previous state is  lost. You should persist the selection by yourself using the igGridSelection.selectedRows API and then re-apply it with igGridSelection.selectRow API. Use the igGridFiltering.dataFiltering and igGridFiltering.dataFiltered events to do that. Note that some of the rows may be filtered out after the filtering.

    Hope this helps,
    Martin Pavlov
    Infragistics, Inc.