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Numeric Editor Validator


I've the following issue related to Numeric Editor validator. In a MVC  application I've defined in a controller the following grid column:

ColumnUpdatingSetting uSetTipoProdotto = new ColumnUpdatingSetting();
uSetTipoProdotto.ColumnKey = "TipoProdotto";
EditorValidatorOptions validOptTipoProdotto = new EditorValidatorOptions();
validOptTipoProdotto.BodyAsParent = false;
validOptTipoProdotto.MinValue = 1;
validOptTipoProdotto.MaxValue = 99;
validOptTipoProdotto.Required = true;
validOptTipoProdotto.CustomErrorMessage = "Il valore deve essere compreso tra 1 e 99 ";
uSetTipoProdotto.NumericEditorOptions.ValidatorOptions = validOptTipoProdotto;
uSetTipoProdotto.Validation = true;

The goal is tp allow the values between 1 and 99 but the cose I've pasted is not working. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.