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Infragistics Loader - themes not loading

I am trying to load the metro theme using the Infragistics Loader.  The scriptPath and cssPath are setup correctly because I see the necessary scripts and css files for my resouces being loaded.  However, I never see the metro theme being loaded.  I am assuming since I am using the loader that I don't have to reference the metro theme in my code.  The javascript code is below

scriptPath: '/Scripts/infragistics/',
cssPath: '/Content/',
resources: "igShared,igEditors,igValidator,extensions/infragistics.ui.editors.knockout-extensions.js",
theme: "metro",
ready: function () {

$.ui.igValidator.defaults.showAllErrorsOnSubmit = true;
$.ui.igValidator.defaults.formsubmit = false;
$.ui.igValidator.defaults.onblur = false;
$.ui.igValidator.defaults.onchange = false;
$.ui.igValidator.defaults.onsubmit = false;
$.ui.igValidator.defaults.alignment = 'right';


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