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Filtering igcombo against calling webapicontroller


We had like to use igcombo with filtering against DB.

We are using durandal architecture, using knockout binding, and we had like to use the igcombo, and on each pree key go th apicontroller and bring the set from DB against the value that pressed.

And refresh the datasource of combo. We have saw there is type Remote, but didn't understand how to send the paramteres to the server .


Our example:

<span id="combo"

        data-bind="igCombo: {dataSource: 'api/lookup/GetLookup?EmpNo=7&UserNo=9998&ElemName=PermGroup&PageNo=1&PageSize=100&PagingBy=false&SearchBy=2&SearchVal=1&SearchExact=true&OtherParamsXML='''

        , width: '400px', valueKey: itemValue,

         textKey: itemText , itemTemplate: displayMember ,

          selectionChanged: selectionChangedFunction ,allowCustomValue: true,

        filteringType: 'remote',

        responseDataKey: 'd.results'



Can anybody help us?