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Update cell value in parent row


I have an igHierarchicalGrid with two levels. Updating is enabled on the second level, and in the "iggridupdatingeditcellended" javascript event i would like to update a cell in the parent row.

How can i get a reference to the parent row? Is it possible to update this row?



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    Hello Deon,

    There is no direct method to achieve this, no built-in functionality, so what you could do is to use the following code and try with it:

    editCellEnded: function(e, ui){
           var parentTR = ui.owner.grid.element.closest("tr").prev();
           var parentRowId = $(parentTR).attr('data-id');
           var parentRow = $('#grid').igGrid('findRecordByKey', parentRowId);

    Please feel free to let me know if a question about our tool set comes up on your mind.

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